Relief for Obrenovac

General information about the project
The project will involve approximately 10 ISB students that will be the vanguard of the ISB sustained relief effort directed at the town of Obrenovac after the May 2014 floods. Since we as a community decided to focus on helping out the Daycare Center for Mentally Disabled Persons, the ISB students will be involved in delivering donations, renovating the premises and developing new and sustainable connections with the Center. We hope to visit the Center approximately 2 times per month throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Furthermore, we hope to lay grounds for a prolonged and sustainable cooperation in the years to come, and work out the outlines of a program which will involve other year 11 and 12 students next year.
The Daycare Center provides care for youth and adult persons suffering from a wide range of mental disabilities. They provide the necessary care for their users but the professional staff also works on enhancing the users’ ability to socialize, use motor skills, and taking general steps towards enhancing the users’ ability to participate in everyday tasks.