Upper School

Welcome to Upper School

The essence of the International School of Belgrade (ISB) lies in its long, distinguished history and its prevailing philosophy: learning is an everyday process, both within and beyond the classroom. ISB has always sought to encourage students’ passions and pursuit of challenges to ensure healthy and open mindsets.

Our rich international setting within a Serbian context, ensures that students are constantly engaging with multifaceted perspectives, which in turn foster a greater appreciation about the value of culture and identity. 
This belief system is underpinned by a focus upon creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. In combination with resilience, inquisitiveness and compassion, ISB endeavors to secure a holistic and sustained learning experience for all its students. The development of these key skills and dispositions allows ISB students to incrementally take ownership of their own learning to sustain success.
To support students’ personal growth, ISB promotes a deep engagement and genuine understanding of the world around them. This understanding is based upon rigorous academic programs that direct students towards securing a knowledge base that has depth and breadth. More critically, students are encouraged to adopt a hands-on approach to create a more enriching and energizing learning experience. Classrooms without walls, expeditions, regional and international tournaments and competitions, service projects and refugee assistance instill an appreciation of how interconnectedness makes an international education such a unique experience. This vibrant exposure, not only helps to support physical, creative, emotional and social growth, it also asks of students to seek real solutions that can make a difference. Student seminars and leadership opportunities, such as the Student Council, Ideas Conference, the student run newspaper (Dragon’s Den) and homeroom forums, tap into the very nature of student empowerment and active participation. 
At ISB, we aspire to create informed and engaged citizens by expanding our students’ educational experiences. By virtue of this process, students ultimately create their own personal narratives via their own distinct voices and actions.