BoT Goals for 2018-2019 SY

  • Elaborate the legal and financial structure for the new campus.
  • Engage in, contribute to and support all efforts to increase student enrollment.
  • Ensure seamless leadership transition through the recruitment of a new Director.
Director Goals for 2018-2019 SY
  • Expand upon progress from last SY to continue defining details and timeline for purpose-built facility.
  • Finalize Upper School lease and Lower School lease extension – both through 2022-2023 SY.
  • Support two new principals as they become thoroughly familiar with ISB programs and systems, as well as implementing new initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Support the BoT and search committee in identifying and selecting a new director for 2019-2020 SY.
  • Support the Governance Committee and BoT in identifying and promoting qualified new candidates for board vacancies in 2019-2020 SY.
  • Engage in, contribute to, and support all efforts to increase student enrollment.
  • Work with Finance Committee and Finance & Business Director to prepare balanced operational budget for 2019-2020.
  • Establish and contribute to Task Force to celebrate and publicize ISB’s 70th Anniversary.
  • Re-examine structure and composition of Development Committee; develop communication/marketing plan; establish sub-committees or task forces to effectively and efficiently promote our school internally and externally.
  • Oversee all operational aspects of 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.
  • Child Safety – finalize development of protocols and procedures, publicize and implement fully.
  • Implement new Professional Growth & Evaluation process.
  • Identify all locations and processes for gathering, storing, and using personal data, and ensuring secure data protection in line with GDPR.