Top Left to Right: Mr. Vladislav Lalić (Vice-Chair), Mr. Ted Fisher (Secretary), Mr. Mark Harrison (Chair), Mr. Mirko Urošević, Mr. Boris Gershman (Treasurer); Bottom Left to Right: Mr. Kurt Donnelly, Ms. Aleksandra Marković, Ms. Aysegul Ozcan and Mr. Tom Lubeck.
The International School of Belgrade is governed by a Board of Trustees that is guided by the ISB School Charter. Article V of the Charter describes the governance of the school and below is a summary of the School Board’s responsibilities and member composition.  
The responsibility and functions of the School Board are:
  • School Policy
  • Employment
  • Financial Contracts
  • Preparation of School Budget
  • Elections of School Board
  • Acceptance and use of grants or gifts
  • Amendments to the Charter
  • Other matters not delegated to the association by the Charter
Board of Trustees Membership
The School Board shall consist of no less than seven members and no more than ten. Three members shall be appointed by the U.S. Ambassador, one of which shall be the Treasurer. A minimum of two and a maximum of five members shall be elected from the membership. Elections will be managed in an effort to reach the maximum of five elected members. The Board may choose to appoint up to two additional members. At least one member of the Board – either elected or appointed – must be a Serbian citizen.  The Board shall not appoint the same member for more than 3 consecutive years. Elected members may not serve for more than 3 consecutive terms (6 years).

The Board of Trustees has reconvened including as follows (in alphabetical order):
  • Ms. Aleksandra Markovic
  • Ms. Aysegul Ozcan
  • Mr. Boris Gershman (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Kurt Donnelly
  • Mr. Mark Harrison (Chair)
  • Mr. Ted Fisher (Secretary)
  • Mr. Thomas Lubeck
  • Mr. Vladimir Ilic
  • Mr. Vladislav Lalic (Vice-Chair)
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