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Assessment is an essential component to all teaching and learning. It involves the gathering and analysis of information to assist and inform future practice and instruction. Teachers and students use a range of assessment strategies and tools to evaluate the process and products of learning.
Summative Assessment:
Provides an insight into students’ understanding. It is a culmination of the teaching and learning process and provides the chance to demonstrate what has been learnt. It occurs towards the end of a Unit of work.
Formative Assessment:
Provides information and data that is used in order to plan the next stage in learning. It helps teachers and students to find out what they know and can do and to set goals for improvement.
Teachers may use a range of assessment strategies, such as:
  • Observations
  • Performance assessments
  • Selected responses
  • Open ended tasks
The above strategies can be put into practice with one or more of the following assessment tools:
  • Rubric
  • Checklist
  • Exemplar
  • Anecdotal record
  • Continuum