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Welcome to Grade 4 a fun and productive place to be. We are truly the International Hall where we learn not only about our world, but about each other- the diversity of our backgrounds and cultures. We learn about our world, both past and present and begin our quest to find out who we are!

Each student is motivated to strive to be the best they can possibly be. We encourage creativity, inquiry, and exploration of new ideas within a relaxed classroom environment. Everyone is engaged in learning and feels free to express themselves, be themselves, and ask questions.
We enjoy many hands-on activities, experiments, class discussions, fascinating field trips, and lots of research to support our excellent range of PYP units!
Our literacy program caters to the needs of all types of learners and each child develops at their appropriate level. Students engage in literacy stations which include, guided reading, literature circles, working with language and word study, as well as writing skills. We use the First Steps writing program to strengthen our students writing skills. The students work towards independence and responsibility in their learning. Much of grade four writing is tied in with our PYP units of inquiry which makes it relevant, significant, and engaging. Our goal is to have the students see a purpose for writing and reading.
Our grade 4 students will have the opportunity to identify and reflect upon “big ideas” by making connections between the questions asked and the concepts that drive our inquiries. They will become aware of the relevance these concepts have to all of their learning. Mathematical studies at ISB are tied to real world experiences by exploring the five strands of mathematics within the PYP framework: Data Handling  Shape and Space, Numeracy, Measurement, and Pattern and Function.
The power of mathematics for describing and analyzing the world around us is such that it has become a highly effective tool for solving problems. It is also recognized that students can appreciate the intrinsic fascination of mathematics and explore the world through its unique perceptions. In the same way that students describe themselves as “authors” or “artists”, ISB’s programme also provides students with the opportunity to see themselves as “mathematicians”, where they enjoy and are enthusiastic when exploring and learning about mathematics.
In the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), mathematics is also viewed as a vehicle to support inquiry, providing a global language through which we make sense of the world around us. It is intended that students become competent users of the language of mathematics, and can begin to use it as a way of thinking, as opposed to seeing it as a series of facts and equations to be memorized.
You can find the details of each grade level in our Mathematics scope and sequence document.