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Physical activities and different individual and team sports as well as rhythm and dance are part of a language people speak and understand all over the world. ISB P.E. curriculum is child centered and developmentally oriented. All activities are selected based on the needs of our students. Through our program we will:
  • Provide all students with opportunities to participate in a variety of physicalactivities that are enjoyable
  • Develop fundamental locomotror and non locomotor skills
  • Develop basic skills related to a variety of individual and team sports
  • Develop cognitive skills pertinent to Physical Education
  • Develop positive social interaction (cooperation, team – work and sportsmanship)
  • Develop a desire to participate in physical activities during the leisure time.

PE is a part of the PYP curriculum through different Units of inquiry. Learning movement, learning about and through movement PE has a role in the development of the Transdisciplinary elements of the PYP.

The vision for all students is to be physically educated and have fun while moving.
A physically educated person is one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity; one who values physical fitness and understands that both are related to health and well-being.