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Pre-kindergarteners are curious by nature and investigate everything they come in contact with. They know how to take the smallest observation, object, or surprise and turn it into a learning experience. Our role as educators is to nurture their love of learning by expanding on their inquisitive nature. As early childhood teachers, we know that teaching means much more than lessons and standards. Our program is designed to encourage a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities, taking into account the individuality and diversity of every child. We strive to create eager and active learners, establish appropriate communication skills, build confidence and promote self-esteem, while introducing students to all areas of learning through a stimulating environment. We believe that outdoor play is an essential component for children’s health and well-being. The time they spend outdoors every day is just as important to their learning as the time they spend in the classroom.

Emergent Numeracy

In the pre-kindergarten classroom children explore mathematical concepts through meaningful play, informal interactions with adults and other children, and through exposure to different materials and manipulatives.  As they pursue their interests, children will build upon their existing knowledge of numbers, patterns, measures, shapes, and data about themselves and their world.students will have the opportunity to identify and reflect upon “big ideas” by making connections between the questions asked and the concepts that drive our inquiries. They will become aware of the relevance these concepts have to all of their learning. Mathematical studies at ISB are tied to real world experiences by exploring the five strands of mathematics within the PYP framework: Data Handling  Shape and Space, Numeracy, Measurement, and Pattern and Function.
The power of mathematics for describing and analyzing the world around us is such that it has become a highly effective tool for solving problems. It is also recognized that students can appreciate the intrinsic fascination of mathematics and explore the world through its unique perceptions. In the same way that students describe themselves as “authors” or “artists”, ISB’s programme also provides students with the opportunity to see themselves as “mathematicians”, where they enjoy and are enthusiastic when exploring and learning about mathematics.

In the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), mathematics is also viewed as a vehicle to support inquiry, providing a global language through which we make sense of the world around us. It is intended that students become competent users of the language of mathematics, and can begin to use it as a way of thinking, as opposed to seeing it as a series of facts and equations to be memorized.

You can find the details of each grade level in our Mathematics scope and sequence document.  

Language Arts
ISB is an English language immersion program. While we encourage development of the home language, we use English as our language of instruction and for all assessment. Our pre-kindergarten students are immersed in English sounds and texts and become enthusiastic pre-readers and writers through a balanced approach to literacy. Sharing stories with children plays a big role in our everyday learning and is engaging for native speakers as well as EAL children. A wiggle here and a shout there tells you that they are “in” the story.   It enables them to develop important literacy skills, such as listening, story sequencing, characterization and also practice cooperation, social interaction, and problem-solving skills.