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Preparing for life beyond high school can be both exciting and daunting, and with this in mind the ISB college counselors work closely with students to ensure that they move confidently toward an experience that is tailored to their aptitudes, interests and growth.

Whether ISB students wish to pursue fine arts, theater, medical qualifications, strong sporting programs, colleges with individualized and innovative programs, or colleges emphasizing competitive academic rigor, our counselors make every endeavor to help secure the best match for students’ ambitions. Best match institutions challenge the student and promote the discovery and fulfillment of passions and talents. As members of numerous international professional associations, ISB counselors have access to university admissions personnel, international conferences and a wide range of resources to keep our students and parents informed. Additionally, visits from admissions representatives and the ISB College Fair, featuring universities from Europe, the US, Canada and the UK, help our students learn more about the unique aspects of further education and student life in each of the regions represented.

The college counseling process is embedded in ISB’s homeroom program, which begins with students in grades 9 and 10 developing an understanding of themselves as learners and discovering their interests and abilities. Universities are increasingly seeking candidates who can successfully demonstrate a history of commitment and accumulated depth in their academics, activities and service profile; thus grades 9 and 10 are the years to begin this journey.  To help support this process, students are offered experiences and challenges within and beyond the curriculum, as well as guidance on how to create an effective and engaging personal resume.

In grades 11 and 12, students streamline their portfolio as they research courses and universities and undertake the requisite testing and application processes. College counselors support students and their families through information evenings, individual meetings and group seminars. Resume, essay and interview preparation are also a central focus during these years. As a reflection of our philosophy and the international orientation of our community, 99% of ISB students secure positions at a diverse range of universities, including the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Asia and Australia.