Ljiljana Baloš
Ljiljana Baloš
ISB Doctor
ISB considers the health and safety of its students and faculty of vital importance. The school has a full-time, fully accredited School Physician on staff as well as a number of staff members who have been trained in basic first aid. All members of the faculty and staff are trained in CPR, First aid, and defibrillation, with training updated on a two-year basis.

Each of ISB’s campuses (Lower School and Upper School) has an equipped “physician’s office”. The offices are furnished with beds, cabinets filled with first aid material (bandages, antiseptics, band aids, etc.), special equipment for medical screening and examinations during regular and sport screenings, and two portable automatic defibrillation devices for use in the event of a cardiac emergency on each campus. The duties of the School Physician include providing immediate diagnosis and care for students who fall ill or are injured at school, recording the diagnoses and treatments in written reports. In more serious emergency conditions, the School Physician contacts parents or guardians via phone, guides them, and performs the emergency first aid which is in the best interest of the student’s health. The School Physician also communicates regularly with the entire school community about health issues through letters sent from the Health Office on a needs basis.

Regular annual screenings for hearing, scoliosis, and vision, as well as head lice, when required (usually during winter period), are conducted at the beginning of the school year throughout all grade levels. After the screening has been conducted, the School Physician informs parents of any concerns that should be followed up and taken care of outside of school.

The School Physician also liaises regularly with health care professionals throughout Belgrade regarding issues of local concern and sends relevant information out to the ISB community. The School Physician is the Crisis Response Team coordinator, and in conjunction with the administration, makes recommendations concerning injury prevention in and around the facilities. The School Physician has been included as a resource person in the International Baccalaureate PYP and MYP Programs through Health education of our students and staff.

The Health office info
  • The school does not normally take the responsibility for administering medicine to children and it should not be brought into school. In exceptional circumstances the School Physician may take charge of this. Written agreement from a parent and clear instructions on its use from a doctor are required.
  • If a child’s condition has been disrupted by symptoms of illness and the child needs to go home, parents will be contacted. If, in an emergency, we cannot contact anyone at home or the emergency contact person, the child will be taken directly to the nearest appropriate hospital.
  • A child recovering from illness should not return to school unless he or she is fever-free for 24 hours after the last fever episode and well enough to participate in a full school day, including recesses and P.E. lessons.
  • NOTE: Please review the information on Medication Administration procedure and Procedures for Student Absences due to Medical Reasons on the doctor’s page 
  • Health Office working hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm or 4:15pm during ASA
  • Contact Numbers: 011/206-9913, 062/8056-108; e-mail: lbalos@isb.rs
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