According to CDC preventive measures, to protect yourself from flu and flu-like illnesses, practice general preventive measures:
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly;
  • Avoid close contact with people who appear unwell and who have fever and cough;
  • Practice good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active;
  • Keep your environment clean with readily available cleaning agents.
What should I do if I think I have flu or flu-like illness?
If you feel unwell, have high fever, cough and/or sore throat:
  • Stay at home and keep away from work, school or crowds as much as possible;
  • Rest and drink plenty of fluids;
  • Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues when coughing and sneezing and dispose of the used tissues properly;
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly, especially after coughing or sneezing;
  • Inform family and friends about your illness and seek help for household chores that require contact with other people such as shopping;
  • Children should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
If you need medical attention:
  • Contact your doctor or healthcare provider and report your symptoms;
  • Follow the advice given to you for care;
  • If it is not possible to contact your healthcare provider in advance, communicate your suspicion of having the flu immediately upon arrival to the healthcare facility.
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