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At ISB, we are dedicated to offering an inclusive environment with a diverse student body which recognises that learners are unique and have different individual learning profiles. As a school, we are committed to supporting students with a variety of needs; including social and emotional needs; speech, language and communication needs; physical needs; medical needs and learning needs.

The Learning Support Team offers support for students with additional needs by working closely with classroom teachers, students and their families to understand what a student needs to be successful in all areas of the Learning Programme. The Learning Support Team offer in-class support, small group interventions, recommend classroom accommodations as well as developing positive behaviour support plans, where needed. The Learning Support team work collaboratively with all stakeholders and, where appropriate, create individual Learning Profiles that take account of a student’s strengths as well as areas of focus and outline the student’s support provision, goals and accommodations.
The Learning Support Team may suggest an external evaluation to assess a student’s specific strengths and challenges and will incorporate any recommendations from the assessment to support the student’s access to the curriculum. 


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