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ISB Student Support Department Philosophy
In partnership with the ISB community the student support department works to meet the diverse needs of every student to achieve their highest potential for success.
Meet Our Learning Support Department
Our specialist ISB learning support department is a team devoted to providing the necessary academic support for our ISB students from PreK through to grade 12. We all value working collaboratively with teachers as well as parents in establishing, strengthening and maintaining our ISB students’ love for learning, academic progression and intrinsic motivation. The International School of Belgrade has three learning support specialists on staff at the primary and secondary campuses. The role of these specialists is to academically assist students with mild learning needs.  ISB’s student study teams meet regularly to address student needs and develop accommodation and intervention strategies in collaboration with PreK-12 teachers. Specialized support in the areas of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and academic tutoring may be found in Belgrade and is paid for by the parents. ISB can provide learning support for students with mild learning needs (students who require up to 180 minutes of support per week to access the curriculum). In the primary school, this time frame can also be used in extending and challenging advanced learners. The school does not have a ‘Gifted and Talented’ program per se; the IB programs in and of themselves are designed to extend the learning of all students, particularly those with advanced skills or aptitudes in certain areas of the curriculum. For more information please contact the appropriate learning support specialist listed below.

Natasha Kane
PS Learning
Support Teacher
(PreK- G2)

Primary School (PreK – Grade 2):
The primary school learning support teacher’s responsibilities include; Identifying and working in partnership with students in PreK through to grades 2 who find it challenging to meet academic grade level expectations, while offering the necessary instructional support for our ISB students of significantly high ability levels who require additional academic challenges. We are looking forward to working with you in the year ahead.



Elena Sentevska 
PS Learning
Support Coordinator
(G3- G5)
Primary School (Grades 3 – 5):
The upper elementary student support teacher works with grades 3-5 to provide services for those students needing additional support to meet the academic grade level expectations. Instructional support is also available for students of significantly high ability levels at the upper elementary grade levels who are in need of additional academic challenges. The upper elementary learning support teacher believes in respecting students’ individual profiles and creating student-targeted goals in response to identified, assessed needs. Within a framework of professional collaboration and home to school partnerships, the upper elementary learning support teacher aims to provide students and teachers with an opportunity to engage in best practices around access and extensions to learning.

Betsy Dunnenberger
US Learning
Support Coordinator
Secondary School (Grades 6 – 12):
Our secondary school learning support coordinator assists teachers with students facing challenges with the curriculum, as well as those requiring extra interventions. The learning support coordinator may work with the student in the classroom context or support the student during designated learning support time. The main emphasis of our secondary school learning support practices is to ensure that the appropriate support mechanisms and strategies are in place to allow all students access to the curriculum.