Support Services

Support Services

ISB Student Support Department Philosophy
In partnership with the ISB Community the Student Support Department works to meet the diverse needs of every student to achieve thier highest potential for success.
The International School of Belgrade has Learning Support Specialists on staff at the lower and upper school campuses. The role of these specialists is to academically assist students with mild learning needs.  ISB’s Student Study Teams meet regularly to address student needs and develop accommodation and intervention strategies in collaboration with K-12 teachers.

Specialized support in the areas of Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and academic tutoring may be found in Belgrade and is paid for by the parents. 

ISB can provide learning support for students with mild learning needs. ISB defines students with mild learning needs as students who require up to 180 minutes of support per week to access the curriculum.

For more information please browse through the links and/or contact the appropriate learning support specialist listed above.