Diploma students who didn’t choose two languages from Group 1, need to choose one language from Group 2.
Group 2 relates to learning a modern language.

Students acquire skills and intercultural understanding that will help them communicate successfully in environments where the modern language is spoken. Diploma candidates are choosing between two language acquisition courses, choosing the course, best suited to their present and future needs.
  • Language ab initio, at standard level only (study the language that student was not previously exposed to, or had very limited exposure)
  • Language B at SL and HL (study the modern language that is a continuation of previous language acquisition course)
When enrolling at ISB, some students need to develop further their English language proficiency, and consequently need to enrol in English B HL course, to be successful Diploma candidates. Decision for placements will be taken having the student best interest in mind. For these candidates, Group 1 language will be either Serbian A Literature course, or student Mother Tongue.
At ISB, students can choose between:
  • English B at HL only
  • French B at SL and HL
  • Spanish B at SL and HL
  • German ab initio at SL only
  • Spanish ab initio at SL only (IB online, via Pamoja Education) - read more under IB Online Courses
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