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At ISB we are committed to ensuring that we provide opportunities for the full and holistic development of your children. We recognise that to achieve outstanding outcomes we need to support each child to become outstanding learners first. Studies show that a strong SEL program is a key part in ensuring that our learners have all of the attributes to be happy, healthy and positive members of our community and effective learners capable of achieving outstanding outcomes. Following a full homeroom and SEL review in the 2020 to 2021 school year, we decided to invest in two internationally recognised and fully resourced programs. Both the Primary (K to 5) and Middle School (6 to 8) utilize the Second Step SEL program and our High school Grade levels (9 to 12) utilize Maia Learning, which is also the platform currently used to prepare students for college applications.
To support this further, we have a 1 to 12 ratio for our homeroom teachers and the learners. This is to ensure that the relationship between your child and their homeroom teacher is a key and pivotal one. They will be a single point of contact and will have an excellent knowledge of your child and their needs. In addition to your child's homeroom teacher, they will be supported further by our Welfare Coordinators, our Curriculum Coordinators and our Student Support Services team. Their role is to support the homeroom teams with the planning, delivery and review of our SEL program and provide additional support when interventions are required for individual learner needs.
To help explain what homeroom is in Secondary, please feel free to look through THIS PRESENTATION.