The Vocational High School Workshops is a joint project between the Vocational High School and the International School. The activities of this project involve the students of ISB organizing and running creative workshops for the students of the Vocational High School. The Vocational High School is a school which focuses on preparing its students for specific vocations (i.e. gardening, hairstyling, culinary occupations, etc.). The school generally takes on students which are either mentally disabled, have severe learning disabilities, or do not have sufficient elementary education. We will be mainly focusing on working with the gardening club which deals mostly with students that have mental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, etc.). ISB’s Diploma Programme students visit the school on a weekly basis, and work with the students on creative workshops prepared beforehand. Also, the students of the Vocational Schools occasionally prepare workshops for the students of ISB where they will teach them basic gardening techniques (planting, watering, etc.).