Students may be considered for enrollment at ISB only after their application is complete. The following procedures are used to process the applications of prospective students:
  • Step One: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) indicate interest in enrolling their child(ren) at ISB by submitting an Admissions Inquiry form (one per family).
  • Step Two: The application is reviewed in light of: available seats, nationality caps, and the school’s ability to provide adequate EAL (English as an Additional Language) and/or Learning Support. If any of these factors pose evident concern, the student will be offered a spot on our waitlist or denied admission. In all other cases, the application moves to step three.
  • Step Three: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) complete and submit the family contact information and student information at ISB's Parent Admissions Portal.
  • Step Four: Upon the favorable response from the school, the non-refundable application fee must be paid.
  • Step Five: The remainder of the application documents are submitted. Please note that these also include documents that need to be completed by third parties: Physical Examination Form, Student Reference Form and Math Teacher Recommendation Form.
  • Step Six: Once the student is in Belgrade, a placement examination is administered. It takes between three and five school days from the completion of the placement examination until a student matriculates.
  • Step Seven: The completed file is reviewed by the school. If the school has additional questions or concerns about a student, the family will be contacted to provide additional information and/or denied admission. In such cases, a review team will be formed with appropriate personnel, which may include the divisional principal, counselor, and teacher(s). Diploma Program students in grades 11 and 12 meet with the DP Coordinator.
  • Step Eight: Once the application is complete, an admissions decision is made.
  • Step Nine: The non-refundable registration fee and the non-refundable capital fee, along with the tuition fee for the admitted student must be paid. The Enrollment Contract must be signed and submitted to the school.
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