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ISB is proud to be able to support students’ artistic journeys through an amazing experiential learning experience. In memory of Kristina Kesic (Tesa), a very much loved student of ISB, Kristina’s parents established a foundation to help keep alive her love of art. The foundation offers one summer workshop scholarship per year for an ISB Diploma art student who exhibits potential, fervor and commitment towards artistic curiosity and excellence.
The Kristina Kesic (Tesa) Art Scholarship allows the successful applicant to participate in a workshop of their choosing, which includes a selection of venues that amounts to Oxford (UK), Spoleto (Italy), Pisa (Italy), New York (USA) and Paris (France). The two-week workshop opportunity permits the successful student to immerse themselves into an artistically rich yet unique environment with other suitably minded students from around the world. The workshop, which is mentored by passionate professionals, leaves an indelible artistic impression upon any budding and maturing art student.

The all-inclusive workshop takes place during June/ July, with the successful applicant announced in January/ February. The inaugural 2015-2016 winner, Miona Milenkovic, chose Pisa, Italy as her workshop destination with the accompanying journal capturing her wonderous artistic pilgrimage.