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"Our sincerest appreciation to ISB and all the teachers for their dedication and guidance which have positively shaped our daughter since her first day joining ISB in 2016. We are truly happy that she had a memorable learning experience at ISB through these years. ISB has indeed provided a good quality of education for her."
Azlina A. (Malaysia)
"We sincerely appreciate all the care and love you gave to our son. It's our fortune to meet you and spend 8 months with ISB’s lovely teachers and kids. This will always be a very good memory for our family."
Ying G. (China)
"The IB program in ISB made a huge difference for my younger son. Not only has he adjusted easily into his Freshman year classes while maintaining a 4.0 average, but Penn State also gave him 20 credits for the IB work he completed in Belgrade. That is quite incredible considering our oldest son only received 7 credits for his IB work in Zagreb. ISB education does make a difference!"
Kevin T. (The United States of America)
"Our family has enjoyed our time here in Belgrade, and my sons have had a wonderful experience at this school thanks to their incredible teachers"
Katrina G. (The United States of America)
"This is an amazing school with the best teachers and staff. My daughters have been lucky to have studied here."
Samina A. (Pakistan)
"My daughter was very satisfied with the best possible results for her university exams. Her studies, exams and experience from ISB and Serbia always helped and became a great strength in essay writing and interviews. We really appreciate all support from ISB teachers and staff."
Tomoko K. (Japan)
"ISB is a wonderful school, not only my daughter, but all of my family likes it very much."
Huaizhi Y. (China)
"We spent four years at ISB and all three of our children benefited from their time at ISB and have transitioned well to new schools in the United States and overseas. ISB welcomed them warmly and helped them learn both academically and socially. The kids still talk about the trips they did with the school and treasure their time there. A big thank you to all of their teachers, principals, coaches and all of the other staff at ISB."
Rebecca K. (The United States of America)
"The IB curriculum in ISB is challenging and my children were aptly prepared for the rigor of honors and gifted and talented classes in their new school. We are thankful for the time our kids had in ISB!"
Stephanie R. (The United States of America)
"Enrolling my son in ISB has been the best investment I have made in my whole life."
Dragisa J. (Serbia)
"We spent 4 years at ISB and left Belgrade after our oldest daughter graduated. She is currently doing extremely well both academically and socially. We feel that the MYP and IB program at ISB absolutely prepared her for the rigors of college courses. Learning to work independently, performing research as part of the senior paper, and the aspect of reflection and application were very important and useful. Our youngest daughter left ISB after her freshman year. After her first semester in her new school it was clear that ISB was more rigorous than this high school and she was more than prepared academically. She is near the top of her class, has great study and work habits (both girls do) and we know ISB played a major role in setting them up for academic success. We really felt like our kids received a great education from ISB from a middle and high school perspective".
Becky M. (The United States of America)
"Our daughter has had six wonderful years at ISB. Thank you for all you have done to make our time with you so memorable."
Lavinia D. (The United Kingdom)
"Our kids left Belgrade and ISB in 2014.  We moved back to the U.S. for two years and are now in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the U.S. they went to a small private school ant they adjusted very well to it and life in the U.S. ISB prepared them well. Now they are in another CEESA school and are enjoying being back in the international school and IB environment."
Susan F. (The United States of America)
" The kids are settling in their new school nicely. The change in 'systems' has had very little effect. They are both performing well and at the top of their respective grades. An excellent reflection on the standards at ISB. Our children’s teachers were, and still are, extremely helpful making the transition as easy as possible. They also appear to be among the best in their chosen sports in the new school, which is an excellent reflection on your sports program. Once again thank you for making our time at ISB so enjoyable and beneficial. "
John and Nora N. (Slovakia/The United Kingdom)
" We have really enjoyed life at ISB, the kids have really blossomed, so we thank you and your teams.
Adrian B. (The United Kingdom)
" I am very happy that my children had the opportunity to attend ISB during the last 5 years and we will all remember very well the good times at ISB and in Belgrade. Our children have made significant development forward during their time at ISB, for which highest gratitude is directed to principals, teachers and other staff at ISB.
Otto N. (Germany)
" I (and my siblings) have always been proud to be ISB alum.
Paul H. (The United States of America)
"I would like to thank you and your staff for a great last three years. My kids really benefited from their time at ISB."
Brian S. (The United Stated of America)
"We were very pleased with having our two daughters in ISB. We were especially Happy with the Every Day Math Program. Our children reached an advanced level in mathematics which is very helpful in their further studies. But most of all, they learnt to love and cherish mathematics as a subject, and to see the use of maths in every day life." 
Kristin J. (Norway)
"I have to pass a compliment to my children’s teachers. My daughter’s school told me that she is a year ahead in math. Your math program covered the math that they are doing this year in grade 3 in Fairfax County Schools."
Pete and Alicia M. (The United Stated of America)
"We have been very pleased with our son's education at ISB. He has made great progress in all of his subjects thanks to the great learning environment at school."
Paavo R. (Sweden)
"We have grown to love Belgrade and our children have loved every day at ISB. Without a doubt the best school ever and even though we are going back home it is with heavy hearts. Thank you for everything."
Morgiana B. (The United Kingdom)
"Let me thank you for all this year’s support, you are best Administration Staff we worked with. All our family will miss you! "
Alkhas K. (Bulgaria)
"I’d like to thank the ISB staff for having provided Luka with such a rewarding education experience, and, more importantly, for being one of the most significant reasons for which my son now perceives Belgrade as his home."
Nenad D. (Italy)
"We will certainly miss Belgrade. The school, especially, has been a wonderful experience for my children."
Julie M. (The United States of America)
"My three children had the best 5 years ever in ISB!!!"
Sigal S. (Israel)
"I would like to thank the entire team at ISB for the wonderful job, great care and high educational standards provided to all students. Our two sons have had great learning experience and have enjoyed very much the time spent in the school. We will all miss, as a family, the great community that ISB has been for us in the last 5 years."
Vesna and Claudiu F. (Romania)
"Our kids have a great time at the International School of Belgrade. It is a bustling international environment and the well-qualified teachers inspire the kids by their positive, ambitious and student centered approach."
Irma H. (The Netherlands)