At ISB, we aren’t just integrating technology, we’re innovating with technology

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Technology integration plays a vital role in creating engaging learning environments and preparing students for their future academic pursuits.  But as global issues become more complex, and learners face increasing demands, what we as educators now know is this: technology integration simply isn’t good enough anymore.  

At ISB, we aren’t just integrating technology, we’re innovating with technology.  

Our new ‘virtual students’ help to ensure that every student can participate in authentic, meaningful experiences no matter where they are. Learning spaces are equipped with large screens, cameras and microphones to facilitate interaction between all participants in the learning environment. Including every student in a way that meets both their learning and well-being needs is a huge step forward for our school community. 

Google Suite and an endless choice of Chrome Extensions have given students an increased sense of autonomy. Students can choose from a variety of media to evaluate and demonstrate their own learning, including screencasts, website development, vlogs and interactive presentations. Our technology allows us to prioritize creativity over compliance, and to make learning relevant and personal for each and every student. 

Remote learning has taught us many things, including the importance of maintaining social relationships.  Increased wifi connectivity in outdoor learning spaces and tools such as Nearpod, Google Meet and FlipGrid allow students to collaborate both near and far. We may need to maintain physical distance, but innovative use of technology helps to bring learners, and their ideas, together. 

What school looks and feels like has been completely reimagined. It’s exciting to be a part of a school community that embraces these challenges, and utilizes technology in ways that inspire personal and meaningful learning. 
Written by:
Cheryl Hickman, 
High School Science Teacher at ISB