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In the International School of Belgrade Early Years Program, we believe that extraordinary things happen when our learners' children, educators and families come together to build a community. We know that children learn and progress best when the significant adults in their lives - parents, teachers and other families work together to encourage and support them. Hence, at ISB we emphasize the importance of involving parents and caretakers in the educational process, and build strong partnerships with families. This helps to ensure that the children's learning is supported at home as well as in our school.  

Key members of this wonderful, caring and student-centered community are our highly experienced and caring international teachers. Based on the idea that children are capable of constructing their own understanding of the world, the role of the teachers in our Early Years is to support and facilitate this process in engaging and joyful ways. Teachers act as facilitators and guides and design intentional learning experiences that meet the needs and interests of young learners. Teachers pay close attention to each child, by listening and documenting their observations. They also use this information alongside our Primary Years Program curriculum to design learning engagements that spark children’s curiosity, encourage children’s exploration and discovery and support their holistic development. At ISB our highly experienced, competent and caring international early years educators know each child, and care deeply for their learning, well-being and development. 

Dr. Jimena Zalba
Primary School Principal

To find out more about what makes our Early Years Program so special, join us for our Virtual Open House on Thursday, February 9th at 1:30pm and look out for future open houses coming soon.
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