Balancing the IB Programme with High Level Sports

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Is it possible to balance the IB Programme with High Level Sports. Grade 12 student Masa, explains how she balances academics with her passion - Basketball.
My name is Masa and I am a high level athlete and currently studying in the IB Programme at ISB.
I have been attending ISB since Grade 9 and I love being at this school!
I am passionate about achieving high academic results in my classes, but my real passion is  playing basketball! I have been playing for more than 10 years now. It is a huge part of my life and I have dedicated a lot of time to it. I have daily practice of 2 hours and some days even 4 hours.
With the support of my amazing teachers and family, I am able to balance, and stay on top of my academics and I am achieving really good grades in all my subjects.
I do not plan to play professionally, however, my ambition is to pursue basketball in college. Basketball plays a huge part in my daily routine and I cannot imagine a week passing by without practices and the adrenaline of the games. I am part of the Serbian national team, however I did not play in the European championships because it was cancelled due to Covid-19. My goal is to be one of the 12 players for the Under 20 age category that will go to the European Championships in 2021. Even though I will be the youngest player invited to the preparations, I think I will be able to make the cut and be a part of the team for the championship. 
Basketball is my passion, my comfort zone, a vent whenever I am sad or stressed. Furthermore, I enjoy spending time with my teammates. The current competition I am playing in is the highest level of women's basketball in Serbia (The First Women’s Basketball League in Serbia). This is a seniors competition and I play alongside other women who are older than I am. Aside from this, I play junior competition for my age.
The biggest individual achievement and something I am incredibly proud of is that I was the Best Scorer of the Women’s Adriatic League final four in 2018.
Is it possible to balance an incredibly academic program and pursue your passions… I say yes!
Written by Grade 12 student, Masa. Class of 2021