Seesaw as a 21st-Century Learning Tool

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Being a responsible user of technology is a crucial component of being a good digital citizen. As our children transition from primary to secondary school, emphasizing how our behaviour online can impact us is essential. At ISB, we believe that embedding digital learning experiences into lessons, offers an authentic learning opportunity to develop core digital citizenship skills.
Seesaw has become an integral tool at ISB for our primary students. It is a way for students and teachers to record what is happening day to day in the classroom. Seesaw also acts as a digital portfolio, allowing students to collect work and reflect on their learning. This reflective process is a powerful learning tool that can be done by posting images, creating videos, audio clips, drawings, and reflective notes about their work. We reinforce the development of safe, responsible and positive online interactions through students' reflection and sharing their thoughts using Seesaw. Through these authentic interactions with an audience (parents), students learn what it means to communicate thoughtfully. As teachers at ISB, we believe in developing core digital citizenship skills so we can begin to bridge the gap between what students are doing at home and school. Ensuring students have positive communication experiences is the first step towards responsible online social interactions.

Ryan Bollhorn
Technology Integration Specialist