Top 12 things, ISB Teachers Would Like Parents to Know

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As I walk around school at the moment, I am immediately struck by how amazing our teachers are. Our teachers have always been amazing, but now more than ever. They are teaching outside, they don’t have their usual resources or spaces, they are often wearing masks and they are running a VLE all at the same time. They have been forced to completely rethink their profession, yet somehow, they are always smiling. 

I have often said that our teachers are our most valuable asset. Now, more than ever, I am in complete awe of them. 

I feel very fortunate that I get to see them in action everyday. At the same time, I am aware that parents are not able to see what an amazing job teachers are doing, or how well students are adapting in the middle of a global pandemic. 

So, I asked our teachers to tell me what they would like parents to know. Here are the top 12 things, ISB teachers would like parents to know. 

The top 12 things ISB teachers would like our parents to know:
  1. We really care about your children and we are doing everything in our power to keep them safe and happy. 
  2. Your children all seem happy at school and are making good progress. They are more resilient than we might think.
  3. Great learning is taking place, but it might look and feel different than what you’re used to. 
  4. We feel like we are very much at the front line in the middle of a pandemic. We need the help of you and your children in making good choices, so we can all remain at school.
  5. We hate wearing masks too, but we do it because it’s the right thing to do right now.
  6. While the students remember some things that we used to teach them, they will most likely remember how we made them feel. Without connections, there is no learning. 
  7. We are juggling a lot right now. We are having to reinvent everything we know about teaching, but we are doing the very best we can. 
  8. We understand many of you desire to loosen restrictions and return to “normal”; however, we need to keep in mind the health and well being of all our community members and their families.
  9. Although we have masks, you can see all of us smiling. It’s not always easy working in these circumstances, but we prefer teaching face to face than virtually. Our students too. All students who come back after virtual classes prefer to be here and are glad to be back!
  10. Everything takes more time when teaching through the VLE. It takes more time to provide feedback through writing and recording than when students are in school. We are working long hours during the VLE.
  11. We are sorry you can't be on campus to see how well your children are doing. We miss you, but we appreciate your support.
And last, but certainly not least:
  1. We cannot do this alone. We are doing everything we can to keep our students and our community safe from inside school, but we need your help and support outside of school. We are so grateful that the vast majority of you are making responsible decisions every day. Thank you for helping to keep us safe. 
If you have not done so already, please watch this short video on our World Class Teachers.
Andrew Derry