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Making school a memorable, enjoyable and meaningful experience requires that students live and learn beyond the classroom. ISB offers a range of programs and activities that ensure students have the opportunity to develop new skills and passionate interests that will remain with them beyond their years at school.
Each student who enrolls at ISB comes with a unique background and individual potential. It is our job as a school community to collectively provide a supportive environment in which students can feel safe and secure to develop and nurture that potential. 
In addition to providing an opportunity for students to succeed academically, schools must also take care to ensure that each student is comfortable, healthy, and making good choices. Getting to school safely, feeling confident, feeling well in both mind and body, all are simple yet important parts of providing a warm and supportive school community. 
As a school servicing expatriate and local families, we recognize the interdependence of family, school, and community. Opportunities to integrate with our host country and to become involved in meaningful service projects and to participate in local and regional athletic events and arts festivals are valued options for our students.
The school various programs are progressive and provide opportunities for personal and social development through the availability of varied experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of activities in the lower and middle grades, then given the opportunity to build on the foundation of their experience and extend and enrich their interests as they move into the High School.
ISB expects that all students will participate in the after school program.