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The International School of Belgrade offers middle and high school students who are interested in music the opportunity to participate in a unique CEESA experience- the annual music festival. Students who join middle or high school choir will spend the season rehearsing eight to ten age- and skill-appropriate songs, chosen by talented conductors from within the CEESA region. For the middle school students, the weekend focuses on choral music and workshops with directors and educators from the region who offer new insights and experiences in music. High school students have the opportunity to travel as part of the choral team or the orchestral team and work under immensely talented conductors from around the world. This festival is not a competition- it's a collaboration with students and educators within our CEESA schools. During the festival weekend, students come together with close to one hundred other middle or high school students to sing and perform as one choir and orchestra. The end result of months of hard-work is an unbelievable concert full of energy and life, which celebrates both the beauty and the need for music in our schools.

The video above is a recap of the 2018 Middle School Festival, which was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. A typical festival weekend involves many, many hours of rehearsal, but many hours for building new friendships and exploring the host city, as made evident by the video. Students are hosted with families from the school, usually with other participants in the choir or orchestra, giving them further opportunities to branch out and make new friends.

The CEESA music festivals offer students a unique opportunity to share their love of singing and playing in an enthusiastic and welcoming environment. Students who have participated in an arts festival always return to ISB with new friends, wonderful memories, and a song in their hearts.