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ISB's core values, which underpin everything we do, revolve around integrity, responsibility, respect, and empathy. These values are the foundation of our current service program, where students and teachers alike strive towards improving the community around them and acting locally on global issues such as youth empowerment, poverty alleviation, sustainability, animal rights, generation gap bridging, and many others.
This is why it is especially empowering to have community members come up with interesting and innovative ways to contribute and address the needs of those that are less fortunate than themselves. Ivan Cukanic (an ISB grade 11 student) and Ivan Nikolic (Instructional Aide), decided to make a difference through harnessing their common passion – cycling. Realizing that Serbia has a significant issue with the treatment of children with rare diseases, Ivan and Ivan started a fundraising campaign to help three children that were in need of special treatment. The duo cycled across Vojvodina – from Backi Breg to Ram covering 433km for this worthy cause. With great support from the community, a total of 3800 euros was raised, which went a long way to helping alleviate the children's plight.