Danube River (September 2017)


Grade 5 trip has provided students with an opportunity to develop independence, maturity and teamwork while getting to know their classmates and teachers in a more informal setting.
Students have enjoyed this adventure and learned many new things, not only about our host country, Serbia, but also about themselves. The trip connects to our first Unit of Inquiry, “Where We are in Place and Time”, and has allowed students to experience many historical sites first-hand. Students will be asked to reflect on the unit’s central idea, “Historical heritage can provide us with insights into a region and its people”, as well as how they have developed the PYP attitudes of curiosity and empathy.
The hiking trip has been led by a local tour company based in Niš, ACE Adventures and two guides have accompanyed us throughout the trip, one of whom is a family doctor. The trip explored the Danube River east of Belgrade, a very popular tourist area famous for its history and scenery. We have visited locations such as Smederevo and Golubac fortresses, Viminacium Roman ruins, and Lepenski Vir prehistoric site. We also took a short hike in Djerdap National Park to see dramatic views of the Danube. We have stayed at Danubia Park Hotel on the Silver Lake and all transportation has been organized by bus. Students have been supervised at all times during these three days.