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The Finance Committee is working on developing a sustainable financial strength to ensure realization of the ISB Mission now and in future. It supports the Facilities Committee with financial recommendations as well as the Salary Structure Review Committee.
Members: Stephanie Papp (Chair and BoT Treasurer), Cynthia Ebeid (BoT Chair), Mario Glocknitzer, Snežana Hasanović (ISB Finance and Business Director), Ex Officio –  Shary Marshall (ISB Director)

The Facilities Committee’s responsibility area concerns both the school facilities at present date and in future with focus on safe, environmentally responsible, healthy, physical and virtual spaces.

Members: Tamara Žujović (Chair), Vladimir Ilić (BoT Vice-Chair), Danijela Cemović Mecklenburg, Goran Zarubica (ISB Facilities Manager), Open Invitation  BoT Chair, Ex Officio – Shary Marshall (ISB Director)

The Governance and Community Relations Committee is among other areas responsible for updated policy documents and charter, the sustainability and succession planning of the Board, communication issues, as well as for coordination of the self-evaluation of the Board, the evaluation of the Director and that of the Board Chair.

Members: Danijela Cemović Mecklenburg (Chair), Nina Janković, Stephanie Papp, Mario Glocknitzer, Andrew Whitworth, Open Invitation  BoT Chair, Ex Officio – Shary Marshall (ISB Director)

The Nominating Subcommittee is responsible for finalizing a list of candidates for the yearly election of new members to the Board. The committee also works on finding external candidates for the Board committees.