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Overarching Goal for Strategic Plan:
To build for and secure the long–term future of ISB as the premier international school in Central and Eastern Europe
Prepare students to succeed in a changing and complex world 
Create an environment that promotes and provides for all aspects of student learning
Attract, employ, develop and retain outstanding staff who embrace our Mission
Design a defined and dynamic ISB curriculum that inspires, equips, and empowers
Develop and communicate the ISB brand to be the school of choice
Ensure effective, transparent, accountable, and representative governance at all levels throughout the school
Sustain and increase financial strength and manage risk

Research and provide impactful opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives and creativity.

Embed international mindedness across the school community.

Provide guidance to students to be confident and curious in a variety of challenging settings.

Ensure students positively interact with one another and contribute to the dynamic school culture.

Secure a new campus that meets the demands of the Mission.

Further develop and promote sustainable environmental policies and practices.

Ensure full integration of innovative technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Continuously maintain and improve school facilities.

Ensure that teaching and learning is creative, collaborative and technologically innovative.

Review and enhance current staff appraisal process.

Provide support and resources for professional and personal development opportunities that contribute to the strategic ambitions of the school.

Maintain a regular review cycle of salary and benefits across all staff.

Embed an academically rigorous curriculum.

Ensure consistency and sustainability in service learning.

Work with the community, to ensure clear understanding of the aspirations and workings of the ISB curriculum.


Promote our innovative school.

Foster local and global relationships that enhance our school programs and reputation.

Increase enrollment.

Continue to expand the ISB alumni program and network.

Prepare and execute 70th Anniversary Celebrations.

Sustain a culture of strategic and innovative thinking that ensures the implementation of the strategic plan.

Align and monitor a vibrant and effective operational leadership structure at all levels of the school.

Ensure that our legal documentation and school governing policies comply with local and other applicable laws

Provide opportunities for participation, authentic experiences, and responsibilities for students in student governance.

Ensure that the financial plan supports the strategic plan to allow for the prioritization and allocation of future spending.

Ensure our school finances remain competitive with regional benchmark data.

Provide compelling price to value locally.

Explore alternative income streams.

Adopted by Board of Trustees on Oct 5, 2016

ISB Mission Statement
ISB is a collaborative learning community that inspires, equips and empowers its students to succeed and contribute positively to society.
ISB Core Values
Empathy, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility