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We would like to share with you information pertaining to the use of the ISB campus outside of the school working hours. There has recently been more interest in using the facilities, which is fantastic, but also calls for us to remind all stakeholders of the procedures and protocols when using the facility.
Contacts for Facility Usage
There are several different people to contact depending on the type of use you are looking for.
Sports facilities -
Academic facilities MYP/DP -
Facilities should be booked with 24 hours advance notice to the contact person.
Facility Usage Safety
There are also some important points regarding the safety of students and parents when on campus, outside of the school hours. These are:
  • The school does not have insurance to cover any injury which occurs during this time.
  • Students need to have an adult with them, while they use the facilities.
  • All participants in any use of campus facilities must sign a waiver, which clearly states that the school is not responsible for accidents or injury.
This information is specific to the use of facilities on the weekends and after 18:00 during the week, when school sponsored activities have concluded. Please note that students are requested to wait in the gallery or library if their activity begins in the second activity block and that students should leave campus, once their activity has concluded.
Available/Busy time slots can be checked at the Event Calendar