If interested please read at the following web pages the procedure for signing up for using specific facilities at ISB. Please note that ISB facilities exist primarily for school activities and these activities assume priority. The school reserves the right to regulate the use of the facilities and to determine, as well as modify at any time, the terms and conditions of the use.
In order to request use of an ISB facility by a person or group, the following steps shall be followed:

A. Requests for facilities use should be made to the office of the Athletics/Activities Director by email: Mr. David Horner dhorner@isb.rs.

B. Based on the Use of ISB Facilities Policy, the Athletics/Activities Director will determine availability and communicate with the requesting party within three (3) school days.

C. Once confirmed, the Athletics/Activities Director will coordinate internal procedures necessary to accommodate the person or group.
Available/Busy time slots can be checked at the Event Calendar