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  1. The organization/group shall procure and maintain insurance against claims for injuries or losses to persons or property that are alleged to have arisen in connection with the activities, underlying this application, of the organization and any agents, representatives or employees.  The cost of such insurance, including required endorsements or amendments, shall be the sole responsibility of the organization.  Full disclosure is required for any non-standard exclusions.
  2. The ISB will not take responsibility for any foreseen and unforseen, known and unknown  risks of attending, and partcipating in social, athlectic and all other events held at the ISB’s facilites.  The organization/group releases and forever discharges the ISB from any liability that may occure or may develop in the future from any accident which might arise as a result of any social, educational, athletic or any other event or activity organized in the ISB’s facilites by signing the Sports & Activities Liability Waiver.
  3. Each member of the organization/group must sign the Sports&Activities Liability Waiver, othewise access to the ISB’s facilities will be denied