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  1. ISB’s maintenance staff does not assume any responsibility for liability for personal belongings.
  2. It is the organization/groups’s responsibility to leave the facility in the condition it was found in.  This includes replacing any equipment or furniture that was moved and cleaning up trash.
  3. All decorations, furniture, trash and other materials used shall be removed immediately by the group after the completion of the function. All decorations must be fire resistant. Changing equipment, electrical adjustments, driving nails or hanging decorations shall be done only with the consent of the Facility Manager. At no time shall objects be attached to gymnasium divider curtain.
  4. ISB will not be responsible for any material left behind  - It will not be saved and the organization/group will be charged for its removal.
Rules and regulations stipulated in the Use of ISB Facilities Policy are obligatory for all groups using ISB’s facilities. The International School of Belgrade reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any groups that do not comply with the Use of ISB Facilities Policy.