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Sports Hall Usage Policy

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We are proud to make our sports hall available to the ISB community* for use after school hours. To ensure that the sports hall is used safely and responsibly, the following policy has been created. This policy outlines the rules and guidelines that must be followed by all users of the sports hall.
Booking Procedures
  1. The sports hall is available for use by the ISB community only after school hours, from 5 PM to 9 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, subject to availability.
  2. The sports hall must be booked in advance by checking availability on the school website and submitting a request email with the appropriate documents attached.
  3. The person named on the booking is considered responsible for the group.
  4. The sports hall may be booked for a maximum of two hours per session, with no more than two sessions per week per user/group.
  5. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the session.
Gate Security
  1. All participants must bring a valid picture ID, so the security guards can ensure we know who is on campus.
  2. All vehicles must be parked outside the school gate, unless they have a valid ISB car sticker.
  3. All participants must be on the 'Gate List'. If they are not on the 'Gate List' they must be signed in by one of the Responsible Persons listed on the Facilities Rental Agreement.
  4. All participants must sign a waiver form.
  1. No ISB students or children under 18 are allowed.
  2. Only ISB community members can book the Sports Hall, and only for non-profit usage. 
  3. ISB after-hours Facilities Supervisor** must be present for the facilities to be used.
  4. In the unlikely event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the ISB Facilities Supervisor.
  5. There is no medical provision in place during after-school hours. However, the ISB Facilities Supervisor is trained in first aid.
  1. All users of the sports hall do so at their own risk.
  2. The school is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur while using the sports hall.
  3. Users must respect school property and equipment. Any damages must be reported to the ISB Facilities Supervisor in writing. Any damage caused will be charged to the responsible party.
General Rules
  1. All users of the sports hall must complete and sign a liability waiver before using the facility.
  2. The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is strictly prohibited on school property, including the sports hall.
  3. ISB can provide big equipment, such as volleyball nets and football goals. There is also a limited collection of balls and bibs that can be used. However, no PHE or CCA equipment is available. Plan to bring your own equipment to ensure you have what you need. The Facilities Supervisor will be available to provide equipment.
  4. Equipment may NOT be stored at the ISB campus for any reason. Groups must ensure their equipment leaves the facility when they do.
  5. No food or drink is allowed on the sports hall floor.
  6. All users must adhere to the school’s health and safety policies, including wearing appropriate attire and footwear.
  7. Users must not interfere with any school activities taking place on the premises, and school activities take priority over community activities.
  8. When booking the sports hall, you can access the hall and the changing rooms. All participants must remain in the Gym. Do not walk around the school campus.
  9. All participants must leave ISB facilities within 15 minutes of their finishing time.
*ISB Community - The ISB community is individuals linked to the school through various relationships, such as staff or parents of enrolled students.
**ISB Facilities Supervisor - An ISB staff member responsible for the facilities during after-school hours who are trained in the ISB emergency procedures and takes responsibility for the overall safety of the campus and the people using the facilities.