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ISB offers a wide range of IB courses, but certain situations require students to take a course that ISB doesn’t have in its regular offer, or there is a need to overcome a scheduling issue. In such situations, and in agreement with the student and his/her family, ISB enrols students in the desired course with Pamoja Education, who is accredited by the IB to offer IB courses online. 
Students taking an online course will be closely and daily monitored by the school’s Site-based coordinator, who will additionally keep students parents / guardians informed on a regular basis.
The cost of the online course is covered by the students’ family on a yearly basis.
Online courses are from either Group 2 (Modern languages), Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) or Group 6 (Arts)
It is important to note, that using the online platform is a different way to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for students to be successful in the course, and everything else is the same as for any other IB regularly taught school course.
ISB allows  students to take one IB online course, during their Diploma years.
Read more in the Pamoja Parents Pack (PDF document below), or visit the Pamoja Education website