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Extended Essay is a core of the Diploma Programme.
Pursuing a personal interest, students explore a specific research question, from a specific discipline, and independently write a research paper.
Throughout the several months long and challenging process, during which they will be guided by a supervisor of their choice, students are applying skills practiced and developed during in different subjects and core, such as self-management skills, research, media literacy, critical thinking and communication skills.
According to the IB Extended Essay 2018 guide, 
as an independent task, it requires students to self-manage by developing organization and affective skills, including perseverance, resilience and self-motivation. The process of researching and writing the extended essay represents the learner profile in action. Being open-minded, principled and reflective are aspects of the student experience within the extended essay. It provides them with the opportunity to become more internationally minded by engaging with the local and global communities on topics of personal inquiry. The process of extended essay is a rewarding experience which prepares students for different pathways valued by both post-secondary education and future employers. The extended essay embodies the essence of an IB education in developing inquiring, critical, lifelong learners.