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Each Diploma candidate needs to choose one Group 3 subject, and in some cases, can choose two Group 3 subjects.
Some of the aims of Individuals and Societies subject group are to:
  • “Encourage the systemic and critical study of: human experience and behaviour; physical, economic and social environments; the history and development of social and cultural institutions.
  • Develop in the student the capacity to identify, to analyse critically and to evaluate theories, concepts and arguments about the nature and activities of the individual and society.
  • Enable the student to collect,describe and analyse data used in studies of society, to test hypotheses and interpret complex data and source material”. (IB guide)
At ISB, students can choose to study
  • History SL or HL
  • Psychology SL or HL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies at SL only, an interdisciplinary subject that counts as either a group 3 or a group 4 course, or as both a group 3 and group 4 course
  • Economics SL or HL (school course and IB online via Pamoja Education) - read more under IB Online Courses
  • Business and Management SL or HL (IB online, via Pamoja Education) - read more under IB Online Courses
Click on the links for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.