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Each Diploma candidate needs to choose one Group 4 subject, and in some cases, can choose two Group 4 subjects.
“The Nature of Science is an overarching theme in Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. The underlying assumption of science is that the universe has an independent, external reality accessible to human senses and amenable to human reason. The Science courses studied in the IB program are exciting and challenging adventures that involve creativity and imagination, as well as detailed thinking and application. Scientists use a wide variety of methodologies which then, together, make up the process of science. There is no single “scientific method”, different methods are used to build the knowledge and ideas, with a common understanding what makes them all scientifically valid.” (IB publication)
At ISB, students can choose to study
  • Biology SL or HL
  • Physics SL or HL
  • Chemistry SL or HL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies at SL only, an interdisciplinary subject that counts as either a group 3 or a group 4 course, or as both a group 3 and group 4 course
Click on the links for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.