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Each Diploma candidate needs to choose one Group 5 subject, based on their future needs, interests and abilities.
Group 5 relates to Mathematics.
In the Group 5 courses, students will acquire mathematical knowledge, develop skills as useful tools, and grasp the abstract system of ideas.
Mathematics is present in our lives on a daily basis, and is important to understand the world we live in. It will be useful not only for students pursuing post-secondary education in Mathematics, Sciences and Economics, but as well if they continue with Visual Arts, Architecture and Philosophy, for example. The significance of Mathematics for people in general, is a rationale for the IB, making Group 5 compulsory for all Diploma candidates.
At ISB, students can choose between:
  • IB DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (HL) 
  • IB DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (SL)
  • IB DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations
The courses are designed to meet different student needs.
The school will guide and advise students and their families select the most appropriate course for each individual student, taking into consideration previous Math courses students were enrolled in, attained levels of achievements, students’ own interest in mathematics, and types of mathematics they can be successful, as well as students’ future academic goals and choice of career.
Click on the links for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.