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Diploma candidates have the option to take a Group 6 subject, or take another Group 2, Group 3 or Group 4 subject instead.
Group 6 relates to Arts.
When making course choices, students and their families, will make decisions taking into consideration student’s future needs, interests and abilities.
Taking a Group 6 Arts subject doesn’t require formal prior teaching, but prior experience with the subject will be beneficial for each student.
At ISB, students can choose between:
  • Visual Arts at SL or HL
  • Theatre at SL or HL
  • Film at SL only (IB online, via Pamoja Education) - read more under IB Online Courses
These subjects aim to enable students to “enjoy lifelong engagements with the arts; be reflective and critical practitioners in the arts; understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts; explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, place and cultures, express ideas with confidence and competence, and develop perceptual and analytical skills.” (IB guide)
Click on the links for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.