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Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is core of the Diploma Programme. 
It provides students with opportunities to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and requires from them to be critical thinkers and inquirers.  
“TOK explores both the personal and shared aspects of knowledge and investigates the relationships between them” (IB guide)
The overall aim of TOK is to invite students to answer the question “How do I know?”, and understand the knowledge claims (Claims made within particular areas of knowledge, and made about knowledge), and knowledge questions (Questions about knowledge, open questions and general questions). Additional important focus of the TOK course is looking into the specific ways of knowing (Language, emotion, intuition, memory, imagination, reason, sense perception and faith), and into the areas of knowledge, such as natural science, history, ethics, religion, the arts).
Click on the link for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.