Milica, Grade 9, first year in ISB

Just a year ago I couldn't imagine myself being where I am now, but getting the ISB scholarship has changed my life completely. I have had the opportunity to meet many interesting people coming from different parts of the world and I have access to  quality education even in difficult times of online learning. I am so thankful to the amazing teachers who have given me their support since day one and made me feel welcome to be in ISB. Over the course of last year, I have improved both my English and French and got to explore many of my interests such as making a sculpture out of plaster inspired by Greek art in my art classes, creating mechanical toys in my design course and doing lab experiments in science classes. I would never have had these experiences and practice in Serbian schools and I am incredibly thankful to be part of the ISB community.


Ivan, Grade 9, first year in ISB

The ISB scholarship grants many experiences that students will not find anywhere else in Serbia. The school offers a unique opportunity to discover one’s true passions and interests in life by engaging in many school co-curricular activities such as Speech and Debate, Knowledge Ball and various sports tournaments that take place abroad.

For me, ISB is a stimulating learning environment with world class teachers, the most modern approach to learning and cutting-edge technology that pushes students to work hard, but also allows them to discover different cultures and create long lasting friendships. 

I am grateful for being granted this opportunity which will help pave the path for what I want to accomplish in the future.


Ljubica, Grade 10, second year in ISB

Applying for ISB scholarship is one of the best decisions you could possibly make! You will learn a lot about yourself, get a chance to meet many interesting people and explore your interests that go far beyond anything you could get at any other school in Serbia. I managed to improve my English skills and join a Speech and Debate competition in which I won third place. I am currently preparing for my first “Model UN” experience in Belgrade, and thanks to the massive support I've received both from the teachers and my classmates, there was not a single moment when I felt uncomfortable to be here. Come to ISB, and make your dream come true!


Mateja, Grade 11, third year in ISB

The ISB Scholarship taught me to believe in myself and to go out of my comfort zone, because it had shown me that there are many opportunities to gain more knowledge. It also brought me a fantastic learning environment in which I can attest the best of my abilities and comprehension. During my educational process, I always wanted to explore chemistry, singing or participate in story-writing competitions and this school granted me the ability to present all of my virtues on tournaments all over Central and Eastern Europe. One of those events, the Speech and Debate competition, even ended with me winning in one of the categories! ISB’s amazing teachers are always open for a friendly and honest talk, and are very helpful. ISB is a school where the best way to learn is by constant exploration of topics using the latest technology in every aspect of the process. In conclusion, everyone should try to get this scholarship because it can bring you many great and unforgettable experiences.


Pavle, Grade 12, final year in ISB 

The first time I saw the Upper School campus I was amazed, because it didn't look like any other school in Serbia. In the first few weeks, you will already see the difference between Serbian schools and ISB. One of the differences is in the way of teaching. Learning is made much easier with the support from teachers who make you feel welcome and help in any situation. You will also meet many interesting friends from different cultures and backgrounds. The school as well offers numerous after-school activities for everyone (sports, yoga, chess, rock band, and many more).


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Olivera, ISB Graduate, Class of 2020 

Advantages of the scholarship program are: Making new friends from all over the world; Getting to know a lot of different cultures; Getting involved in so many different after school activities (traveling, representing your school, meeting new people, doing things apart from schoolwork that you like, for example: sports, acting, singing, debating etc.); Volunteering (the opportunity to help the ones that need it, the opportunity to meet a lot of new people that are positive and also willing to help; Completely different approach to studying, different ways of teaching (a lot of projects and presentations instead of answering lessons and learning by heart, small groups of children in classes, so everybody has time to express opinions); Improving your English; Positive teachers, always willing to help, good relationship with teachers, the opportunity to get IB Diploma; Welcoming community, always supporting you and willing to help you.



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Teodora, ISB Graduate, Class of 2019
Applying for a scholarship program in ISB opens many doors for a brighter future. You have the opportunity to work in an unfamiliar program and practice language, preparing you better for studying abroad. It also allows to meet people from all around the world, teaching you about different cultures, languages and traditions.




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Uros, ISB Graduate, Class of 2018
Getting a scholarship in this school will allow you to think in different ways. The first thing that I noticed is that now I try to view everything from different perspectives. I am now open minded and the best thing about this school is that you learn through fun activities, multimedia, experiments and different approaches. I would recommend everyone to at least apply for this scholarship because you don’t lose anything for applying, but if you get this scholarship it is going to change your life and I am talking from experience.


Aleksa, ISB Graduate, Class of 2017
Getting a scholarship allowed me to experience a completely different style of learning. Attending this school gives me great opportunities and higher chances of success when applying to universities abroad. It also gave me a chance to meet other people around the world and learn more about their cultures. I also got a chance to travel a lot with the school while attending sport activities. 




Kristina, ISB Graduate, Class of 2016
The scholarship received from ISB, the education and experience I have acquired in this school have had a tremendously positive impact on my academic and professional life. Being a part of the ISB community and educational program has significantly improved my learning and thinking skills while also allowing me to extend both my professional and personal network. I have met a great variety of people with interesting backgrounds and experienced a wide range of cultures which made me more open minded and enabled me to easily adapt to my new life in the United States. If it was not for this scholarship, I would never have had the chance to pursue my academic interests overseas or to experience life in a very different culture and settings, thus I consider this scholarship to be an amazing gift which has played a crucial role in my life and my future.; Lynn University, Boca Raton, Miami - Presidential Scholarship



Natalija, ISB Graduate, Class of 2015
ISB scholarship allowed me to experience a more practical style of learning. During my time here I obtained some skills that are very helpful and which I use in almost every subject at University. My advice to all of you who are considering ISB is to apply for the scholarship no matter which city you are from (I was not from Belgrade). This scholarship can bring you many great things. -  Valedictorian (Učenica generacije); The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade, Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Tehnološko-metalurški fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Smer Biohemijsko inženjerstvo i biotehnologija)