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The arts are a universal form of human expression and a unique way of knowing that engage us in effective, imaginative and productive activities. Learning through the arts helps us to explore, shape and communicate our sense of identity and individuality. A focus on the individual enhances our self-confidence, resilience and adaptability. It encourages our sense of belonging and community through the recognition of identities. During adolescence, the arts provide an opportunity for age-appropriate and holistic development of the social, emotional, intellectual and personal intelligences of the student.
MYP Arts Guide (p. 4)
As stated in the MYP Arts Guide, the aims of MYP Arts  are to encourage and enable students to:
  • create and present art
  • develop skills specific to the discipline
  • engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-)discovery
  • make purposeful connections between investigation and practice
  • understand the relationship between art and its contexts
  • respond to and reflect on art
  • deepen their understanding of the world
Students in grades 6-8 take both Visual arts and Performing arts (music and drama) throughout each year, while students in grades 9 and 10 choose either Visual Arts or Performing arts (drama).  
Click on the links for general course outline information. Specific details regarding curriculum and assessment can be accessed by ISB Community Parent/Student Portal.