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Over the past ten weeks, ISB students from years 3-9 have been inquiring into a service project on which they would like to develop an awareness campaign and potential action plan. The range of organizations students have looked into and the passion the various groups have shown has been inspiring. This year's FLEX service-learning project has given students a more profound understanding and greater empathy for those who are less fortunate or causes that require change. Students have given themselves a great jumping-off point to pursue their service passion for the next academic year. 

From Monday, March 21st-24th, students in the middle school will be setting up booths in the BOMA to share with our school community the projects they have been working on and will be accepting donations if they are working for a specific charity. 

Primary students will be sharing their projects with their class to inform their peers and help create awareness for their cause. 

Although this will be the end of the service-learning component of FLEX for this year, students will be encouraged to continue to raise awareness and take action for the remainder of the school year. 

Thanks to all the homeroom teachers for supporting our learners and the students for helping to make us more aware of the issues happening in our local and global community. 

Please take a moment to watch the video, highlighting some of the projects students have pursued.