Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

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The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition was held on the Lower School campus last Thursday and Friday, March 8-9. This event was the culmination of eight weeks of hard work by the Grade 5 students, and a community effort by teachers, parents, and guests to guide and inspire the students along their journey. The process began in January with field trips and guest speakers to help the students select a local or global issue that they were passionate about. The students then began in-depth individual and group inquiries into their issues in which they conducted research, visited local organizations related to their topic, and interviewed experts in their field. They then used this knowledge to think of a message to send to their audience on Exhibition day, and began creating various products to convey this message. Visitors to the Exhibition were welcomed with an amazing array of interactive displays and activities to learn about the students' issues, including infographics, video games, quizzes, science experiments, digital presentations, films, artwork, and more!