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While offering support to our students, we want to ensure that all of them have the skills, knowledge and access to the curriculum in order to achieve their best potential. Some students require more time and support in reaching the grade level expectations, while others require the same to move beyond what is expected. In both scenarios, we have fun while learning. In Grade 3, the focus this year is developing word study skills, along with writing fluency. In Math, the extensions provide opportunities for students to delve deeper into the Gr. 3 expectations as they transition to Gr. 4. With Gr. 4, we work on writing genres and proper cursive letter formations. In Grade 5, the extended group currently works on understanding fractions, decimals and percents in greater depth. In Literacy, Gr. 5 enjoys high quality literature through our literature circles. For more information on our learning engagements, please visit the Lower School Learning Support site on Moodlic.