Movement Screening System

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We are excited to announce that the International School of Belgrade will be pioneering a revolutionary system of movement screening and intervention throughout the school. This innovative scheme aims to improve movement efficiency and focuses on physical literacy.
The wellbeing of our young people is at the forefront of our vision and program. Functional movement screening has been used in professional sport for many years and the benefits of this program will enhance all aspects of school life for our students, both inside and outside of the classroom.
This relationship with FMS UK reinforces our continuing commitment to providing the best possible outcomes for each of our students.
The aim of the program is to promote a greater understanding of human movement. Each student has a personalized movement development pathway that supports breathing, balance, mobility and postural control. The app records and stores each student's data and results to ensure the child has the basic foundation of movement quality. The platform automatically assesses that data and creates an individualized program of movement correctives contained within a pdf format that can be emailed to parents at any time.
‘In searching for a solution to improving participation through concept based Physical Education, we challenged ourselves to move away from a traditional model. Incorporating FMS UK software into our PE program will change the way our students see physical activity and set them up for lifelong success and healthy movement’

David Horner – International School of Belgrade, Director of Student Life & Leadership
‘We want to ensure that each and every child can move efficiently and correctly whilst building their gross motor skills. Society is constantly changing and physical development opportunities are decreasing, we aim to better support and prepare our students for the future. We are excited to be partnering with the International School of Belgrade’
FMS UK Chief Executive, Peter Bowler
The program launches in September 2021.