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ISB is committed to helping all children, everywhere, continue to learn through this difficult period. Our Virtual Learning page is regularly updated to provide all students access to a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences and resources.
We are also delighted that our own students and families are getting involved in helping us create resources.
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Internal VLE
Students enrolled at ISB are continuing their learning through our personalized Virtual Learning Environment.
Our Primary School teachers are using Seesaw from Grades K-2 to provide lessons and engaging activities that allow for a continuation of our regular curriculum. Teachers in Grades 3-5 will be able to maintain a more personalized learning experience through the use of video lessons using Google Meet.
Our Secondary teachers will continue to run a regular schedule of lessons through Google Meet and Google Classroom.
It is important that our students feel they can reach out to teachers when needed. All students have been shown how they can make use of Google Hangouts video option to contact teachers with any questions or concerns they may have.  
If you have any questions regarding Virtual Learning at ISB please don’t hesitate to contact Warren Bowers at the Primary School, Aaron Kane at the Secondary School or Andrew Derry, our Director.
Please use the resources below for more detailed information about ISB's VLE.
ISB VLE Resources: