Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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The International School of Belgrade is committed to being a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive school that cultivates an intrinsic sense of belonging for all community members in the school community. We will challenge ourselves to do this with courage, empathy and respect, and we do so in the belief that it will lead to a better future for all our learners and stakeholders within the ISB community.

At ISB, our community is our biggest strength, and it’s critical that we affirm and value all aspects of identity, as well as recognize the various individual and collective experiences present within our community. 

The following statements affirm our commitment to take action to become a truly Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive School Community:
  • ISB affirms all identities in our community. These include but are not limited to all races, ethnicities, genders, religions and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as differently-abled and neurodiverse individuals. 
  • We are proudly an anti-discrimination community committed to building a  more equitable society through our learning and our actions. We go beyond ‘non-discrimination’ by developing leaders who have the character and courage to confront injustice and to advocate for themselves and others. We recognize our responsibility in shaping the world around us. 
  • We believe that everyone has the right to access a learning program in which all identities, backgrounds, and experiences are recognized and where our shared humanity is affirmed. 
  •  We are committed to becoming a fully inclusive school for students of all identities, providing equitable access to all aspects of school life for students. In addition, we strive to provide equitable access to all aspects of school life for students with physical and learning differences. 
  • We encourage debate about the complex issues facing society. We provide our learners and the wider community with the platform to challenge limiting beliefs, to support anti-discrimination in all its forms and to ensure that all members within the community feel that they belong at ISB. 
  • We know that we are not born with tendencies to discriminate, we acquire them.  As an international school, we are uniquely placed to help our learners understand and see past superficial and deep-seated barriers that pertain to aspects of identity and belonging. 
  • We believe that diversity is one of our many strengths at ISB and that we are enriched through our differences. We believe that recognizing and appreciating diversity is the key for our learners to be better collaborators, stronger inquirers, braver communicators, more creative innovators, and deeper thinkers. 
  • We know that our world is becoming more complex and multifaceted when it comes to identity and belonging. Thus, to be successful, learners need to have experienced a dynamic and diverse educational setting that is both inclusive and equitable to best prepare them for the larger world they are currently in, and will eventually be a part of.