PTSA Executive Committee

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Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as executive head of the PTSA and presides over general meetings of PTSA.
  • Calls and presides over meetings of the PTSA Executive committee.
Vice President (up to 2 positions)
  • Stands in when President is absent
  • Special tasks as needed
  • Maintains financial records and budget for the PTSA.
  • Responsible for all handling of PTSA funds at events, in the bank accounts, and the petty cash fund.
  • Keeps minutes of Executive Committee & General PTSA meetings and distributes them to interested parties.
  • Condenses PTSA minutes into “Highlights” for posting on the PTSA webpag
  • Responsible for communication with the Administration and parents through Dragon Dispatch and flyers, as needed.
  • Updates the PTSA page on the ISB website.
Volunteer Coordinators
  • Responsible for recruiting parents who serve as communication liaisons between a group of parents who speak the same language and ISB.
  • Responsible for organizing and informing room & grade parents and language parents about their responsibilities.
  • Communicates with room/grade/language rep parents to ask for their assistance in recruiting volunteers and to share important information with parents.
Logo Item Coordinators
  • Responsible for maintaining inventory and organizing sales of logo items and cookbooks as fundraisers for the PTSA.
Teacher Representatives
  • Responsible for communication between PTSA and teachers.
  • Ex-Officio Members – Administration
PTSA Constitution: