Bring your own laptop (BYOL)

ISB has moved away from the one-to-one laptop scheme to a more flexible Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) program. The school’s six-year one-to-one laptop scheme has came to its conclusion in June 2016. The school’s IT systems and infrastructure have been developed to be robust enough to manage this more flexible approach. Staff is also being professionally developed to ensure a smooth transition within the classrooms. To ensure minimal disruption and maximum coverage of learning the new approach will require that students have laptops with certain specifications.
The main idea is to move further into the digital learning age by facilitating the safe and productive use of electronic devices through the empowerment of students taking a more active ownership of their own learning with their own owned laptops. The new digital technology program means that the school will no longer be responsible for laptop maintenance and distribution. The IT department’s primary focus will be directed towards expanding the school’s IT capacity by enhancing the school’s various digital systems through the development of school based applications and programs. In this way the IT department will be able to further enhance the school’s learning programs and administrative process and practices, thereby permitting greater digital productivity within and beyond the classroom.
The policy will also permit students to be able to keep their laptops when they leave (and all their notes/learning) rather than having to download all their material elsewhere when they have to surrender the school loaned laptop, and then try to retrieve it in their new school abode.